How to Get the Big Job – What You Need to Know!

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There is a huge difference between a fulfilling career and a job that pays the bills. You can follow your dreams andjob hunting risk living a life of poverty, or you can stick it out with a job that makes you dull yet still pays good money. Often, people wonder if it is even possible to land their dream job and be able to pay for their expenses at the same time.

If you want to get a big job, you should be willing to do whatever it takes to have it. For starters, you should have the initiative to apply for jobs that are not even listed. You can find out about these jobs through word of mouth. Many great jobs are filled before they are announced to the public. So having personal connections in huge companies is an advantage.

Skills are also highly crucial. If you want to beat your competitors, you should prove to be more skilled than they. You literally have to outdo hundreds, or even thousands, of applicants. The best companies only hire the best people. So, make sure that you master the skills necessary for your chosen profession.

While having a detailed and professional résumé is ideal, you should not solely rely on it. You can hire expertprofessional resume résumé writing services to highlight your educational and professional achievements, but remember that showing is still better than telling. If you want to impress prospective employers, show them your portfolio so they can see how skilled you are.

Furthermore, you should show prospective employers that you are truly passionate about the job. Be professional by arriving on time for interviews and wearing appropriate clothing. Be respectful towards them and do not attempt to suck up using flattery. Answer their questions with honesty and wit. When they see that you are the right fit for the job, you will surely get hired.




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Why a Forklift License is a Great Skill to Have

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I have to admit that in the beginning, I was not aware that to drive a forklift, it is necessary that the driver has a specific license. If the forklift driver is checked and is proven to not have a license, there is a big possibility that both the employer and the driver will be in trouble with the law.

Still, there are times when I wonder if it is truly necessary to have a license even if I already have the right knowledge about it? Here are just some of the things that people can get when they acquire a forklift license:

  • More Knowledge about How to Operate the Forklift – People might think that a forklift is similar to a car, butforklift training there are still some differences that people do not know much about. These details on how the forklift will be operated can help the driver apply safety at all costs.
  • More Knowledge on the Rules Regarding the Load – I was not that aware at first that there are a lot of rules regarding the forklift load that can be moved from one place to another. Acquiring the license will help people gain enough knowledge about this.
  • Power to Drive the Different Types of Forklifts – I have assumed before that all forklifts are the same, but this is not true. There are different forklifts that are used.

The Testing

I used to be excited about taking the tests regarding forklift before, but actually, over the past days, I have realised that there is still a lot more that I can learn. I couldn’t help but become a bit anxious when I learned about the things that I will be tested on. To get the forklift license, I would need to undergo the following:

  • A Written Exam – I first though that in order to get the forklift license, I just have to drive but my knowledge of forklift licensethe rules and regulations will first be tested with the use of the written exam. If I do not pass this test, I will not be allowed to do the other tests in store to get the license.
  • Inspection Test – I would need to be tested on how you would know if the forklift has all of the gears and cables in place. The inability to pass this test will disable me from getting the forklift license.
  • Operation Test – I should have the ability to move the forklift well especially in ramps and areas that might be hard for the inexperienced driver to pass through.

Once I pass all of these tests and the forklift training, then I will already get the forklift license. Through having a license, it will be easier for me to find a job.

Like mentioned earlier, a person without a license will not be allowed to drive because the company that hired an inexperienced driver will also have some trouble with the law. Do remember that for on – site licensure exams, the license may only be valid for one company.

If I decided to transfer to another company later on, I might have to take another on – site exam for that company, or I can just decide to get the standard license that I can use for every company.

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What to do in Shiner

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Shiner is a place full of excitement and fun, so you should make the most of it. Whenever you visit any place you want to know about the activities you can do and the great places to visit. Well Shiner holds a lot of pleasant surprises for you.

When you have to visit Shiner make sure that you make a list of the top activities and places that you need to visit.

When your trip will be well planned you will enjoy a lot more and you will have this sense of contentment.  Let us explore the best activities that you can do in this wonderful town.

Top things to do in Shiner

If you are visiting Shiner make sure that you do not miss out on the fun and frolic.

  • When you visit Shiner make sure that you organize a trip to Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church. This is actually an architectural jewel. This church has a Romanesque Revival style structure and it is made of red bricks. The murals are pained and the stain glass windows have been imported from Bavaria. Make sure that you visit the Welhausen Park as well and it has many monuments. The interesting aspect is that 100 years have passed since this church was created, but it is still one of the most eye catching landmarks.

Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church

  • If you really want to have some quality time then make sure that you visit the Shiner public library as well. This library is full of interesting books, and it’s easy to spend hours reading.
  • There is loads of excitement for the food lovers as well, and you can simply visit the Country Corner Café when you are in a mood to enjoy awesome food.
  • Another place worth visiting is Green Dickson Municipal Park. This park covers an area of about 148 acres. This park has loads of versatile facilities. It has many playgrounds for the children. It has exclusive barbecue spots. The park is so widespread that has covered picnic areas as well. If you are in mood for some sports then you should visit the tennis and volleyball courts. This park has special fishing facility as well. If you are interested in overnight camping then this park is perfect for this task as well.
  • Another place to visit is the Cigar Factory in Shiner. It was setup in 1895. This factory produced three popular cigars known as the Good Company, Becky Brown and Katy Lee. The Shiner Chamber of Commerce is also one of the historic buildings of Shiner and is a must visit. You must visit the Howard Convenience store as well. It actually looks like a gas station, but when you go inside T-shirts, video rentals and different types of beers are in this store. You can even get fishing bait in this exclusive store. This store also serves great ice-cream, so all in all it is a perfect entertainment spot for all those who are in a mood to party and enjoy.

Now that you have read what Shiner has to offer to you? Make it a point to visit this wonderful town. The best thing to do is explore and research about the place more when you are planning to go there. This way you would not miss out on any of the highlights in Shiner.

If you are still unfamiliar with the place you can even hire a guide who can offer you the best possible assistance. One thing can be promised is that your trip to Shiner would truly be memorable because of the entertainment that it has to offer to you so plan your trip right away.

One more thing to remember is that even the surrounding areas in Shiner have loads of tourism spots that are must to visit.


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Famous Spoetzl Brewery in Historic Downtown Shiner

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The Spoetzl Brewery is located in Shiner, Texas. The quality of this brewery is that it has been producing a diverse line of beers. The most famous amongst all is the Shiner Bock. The Shiner Bock is so popular that it is distributed in about 49 states.

The owner of this company is Gambrinus Company. This brewery has been operating since 1909 and it was initially founded by the Czech and German immigrants.

The immigrants could not find the beer of their liking in the country so they decided to brew their own beer. Spoetzl is one of the oldest brewery in the United States.

History of Spoetzl Brewery

The first brew master was Herman Weiss. Slowly and gradually the brewery gained a lot of popularity so the company decided to look for a professional brew master. The company was able to find Kosmos Spoetzl. He was a Bavarian born and was a onetime soldier. He was trained for the task of brewery in his country Germany.

Kosmos was lured to opt for the job due to the opportunity of brewery’s potential ownership. The brewery partnership was shared with Oswald Petzold in 1914. Once Spoetzl got the ownership of the brewery, he was able to give his own name to the brewery. Spoetzl made valuable contribution to the brewery because he was skilled at the task.

He had attended the brew master school in Germany and he had also been an apprentice for three years. He worked at the Pyramids Brewery in Egypt for a period of eight years.

Finally Spoetzl moved to Canada and then eventually he moved to San Antonio and he brought the recipe of the Bavarian beer with him made from hops and malted barley.

When the brewery experienced a prohibition period Spoetzl earned by selling the near beer and ice. During the period of prohibition Spoetzl made it a point to keep things simple. In the 1960’s Spoetzl was able to sell about 60,000 barrels of beer.

The sales of the beer improved in the 1989 when the brewery was bought by  Carlos Alvarez. The sales of beer barrels improved to 100,000 in the year 1994. As per the record of 2015  Spoetzl brewery is the fifth largest and the tenth largest brewery in the United States of America.

Products of the Spoetzl Brewery

Shiner beers

The Spoetzl Brewery produces nine different types of beers.

  • The most popular beer is the Shiner bock and has been brewed in the brewery since 1913.
  • The Shiner Premium is yet another popular offering of this brewery and the recipe has remained unchanged till now.
  • Shiner Bohemian is a limited edition beer, but has been associated with the brewery since 2007.
  • The Shiner Kosmos was initially high in alcohol content, but it was released again and is a pale Lager style beer.
  • Shiner Prickly Pear Lager is yet another product of this brewery and has the juice of prickly pear cactus.
  • The Shiner light blonde is one that has only 99 calories.
  • Ruby Red bird is brewed with ginger and ruby red grapefruit.
  • The Shiner White Wing is brewed with orange peel, coriander and Belgium yeast.
  • The Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale is another offering of this brewery

There are some popular holiday beers as well, that includes the name of Holiday Cheers. It is brewed with pecans and peaches.

The Shiner Birthday beer is also quite well known and it is brewed with real cocoa and chocolate malt.

The Spoetzl Brewery is continuing its expansion and wants to offer different types of beers to the visitors. There is no doubt about the fact that Spoetzl Brewery is one of the landmarks of Shiner.

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Shiner, Texas – My Home

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Shiner is a famous town in Texas. The town got its name after Henry B Shiner because he had donated about 2.5 acres for Aransas Railway. This helped to grow the transportation facilities in this town. If we have to trace the history of this town it became well known and got its name back in 1890.

The German and Czech immigrants were the dominant groups in this town. This is why the Czech community is quite dominant in Shiner and the culture of Shiner is strongly influenced by the Czech. Welhausen and the Wolters are the notable families of the town. The Shiner Welhausen Park and the Edwin Wolters Memorial Museum got their name after these families.

Famous Spoetzl Brewery


The well known Spoetzl Brewery is also located in this famous town. This brewery produces diverse Shiner beers. This brewery also produces the well known Shiner Bock. It is actually a Czech/German beer that is distributed in about 41 states.

 Shiner home of the Caspar Companies

The Caspar Companies are the holding companies that have been operating in Shiner for a long time. This company deals with Horizon Firearms, Silverback homes, Bedrock truck beds, precious metals and Ranch hand truck accessories.

 Geographical and Demographic details of Shiner

As per the Census bureau of United States Shiner has an area of 2.4 square miles. A census was conducted in Shiner back in 2000 and according to the Census there were about 2,070 people in this town. The locals include the Native American, Asian and African American.

 Educational scenario in Shiner

Shiner is served by Shiner Independent School District. St Paul High School is also present in Shiner and it is operated by Shiner Catholic School.

Attractions in Shiner

Shiner has loads of attractions for the tourists, and that compels them to visit this exciting town. One of the key highlights is the Gaslight Theater, found in Shiner way back in 1895. It was the first opera theater in Shiner.

The theater basically became the center for political meetings, plays, balls and church socials. This theater is reputed for hosting great amateur productions, and is definitely not a disappointment. When you visit Shiner you should make it a point to visit Edwin Wolters museum.

This museum has a remarkable display of musical instruments, guns and it is an old-time country store as well. You should make sure that you get to see the Kaspar wireworks as well because they are truly a delight to watch.

Shiner the perfect place to find the best food

Shiner Restaurant

Shiner is simply fabulous in all respects and you can find some of the best eating outs here. You will find restaurants serving great Mexican cuisine here that is surely a delight. Any tourists who would visit Shiner can look forward to a fulfilling experience.

The historical significance and attractions of Shiner has truly helped to grow the tourism of this town and people from all over the world visit this lovely town to experience the excitement that it has got to offer to all the visitors.

I have this special love for Shiner for all the reasons mentioned above and the most important aspect is that I actually grew up in this wonderful town. I have loads of pleasant memories associated with this place.

I am so emotionally attached to Shiner that I decided that I would set up my business here and this is why I set up my store Home Sweet Shiner in this town. I never wanted to leave this place for financial reasons as well. Cherishing every moment in this wonderful town brings me immense joy and a sense of contentment as well.

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